Monday, October 1, 2007

The Airport Cafe: Springdale, Arkansas

When you’re traveling the Ozarks there is always an opportunity to eat somewhere other than a chain restaurant. While something is to be said for the familiarity of eating at Buffalo Wild Wings, Applebee’s or even McDonald’s it’s also a lot of fun to try out the local eateries. A hands down favorite breakfast and lunch spot is the Airport Café in Springdale, Arkansas.

As the name indicates it’s located inside the Springdale Municipal Airport. The café is on the second floor and can be reached via elevator or a staircase. One wall of the Airport Café is windows and there is an area to dine outside on the balcony if you wish. You’ll have a perfect view of the runway and can watch airplanes take off and land while you eat.

The food is consistently good and the double bacon cheeseburger is hard to beat. The secret is that Fred Phillips, owner of the Airport Café, does all the cooking. He or his wife normally pop out and make sure that everyone is satisfied with their meal. Something you don’t get at Micky D’s.

If you’re traveling in or around Springdale, Arkansas just follow the airport signs and they’ll lead you right to it. The address is 802 Airport Avenue, Springdale, Arkansas if you’d like to map it. The phone number is 479-756-3339. They are open Monday-Friday from 6-2 and Saturday and Sunday from 7-2.

While you’re there you should definitely try an apple dumpling ala mode. Yummy.

Have a great trip!

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