Monday, October 22, 2007

Attend Rodeo School: Humansville, Missouri

Ever thought you might want to ride bulls or broncs? How about a career as a rodeo clown? If it's a dream of yours maybe you should travel to Humansville, Missouri and attend the three day Sankey Rodeo School.

The school has classes for folks who are serious about making rodeo a career but they also have classes for us amateurs who just want a taste of it. It's a perfect addition to your Ozarks travel plans.

The Vision Quest Adventure Experience is designed to let people of almost any age try their hand at bull riding. Physical condition is more important than age. They've had riders from 7-70. Lots of men and women take this class. They go through the same training the professionals do except they have the option of not getting on a real bull. If they choose to do so, they have the option of riding a bull that may not be as aggressive as the regualr rodeo bulls.

If you're a serious rodeo person you can expect three days of riding, drills, practices and one on one coaching. You don't have to have any experience to take the class. At the end of three days a student rodeo is held. It's off limits to all except family so don't plan on crashing the party.

If you don't want to ride anything you have the option of going through ground training. You'd do everything the other cowboys and girls (Yes, girls) do except riding bulls or broncs. The cost is $60.00. Ground training is a good option if you're thinking of getting into the sport or if you just want to learn more about it.

You can bring your own rodeo equipment if you like and they'll help you fine tune it. If you don't have any, don't worry. Sankey provides everything you need except the boots. You can't wear Ropers, lace-ups, or high tops and nothing with a rubber sole. Just about any kind of a western style boot will work. It needs to fit well and have a close fitting shank. They sell competition boots if you don't already own a pair. You might want to order them now and break them in first.

You must reserve a spot in class ahead of time so they can have the proper amount of instructors and animals ready. If you just show up you'll be charged an additional $75.00

You should be physically fit when you take the classes. Sankey suggests the Body for Life program or something similar. You must also be insured except for Ground School. Make certain that it will cover rodeo activity. If you don't have insurance or yours doesn't cover this activity call Jim Chamley at 1-719-338-3428 to set up a temporary policy. Proof of insurance is required before they'll let you on the livestock.

They don't provide lodging, food or airport pickup so be prepared to find your own accommodations. Rodeo school is still reasonably priced at about $380.00 for the full three days.

All enrollees, even for ground school, receive a lifetime discount on rodeo equipment.

The Humansville classes take place at the Double J Indoor Arena. It's a 1500 seat arena, 10 miles west of Humanville.

Have a great trip!

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