Friday, September 28, 2007

Visit a Missouri Corn Maize

If you’ve never been through a corn maze or Maize as they call them you’re in for a treat. The Missouri Ozarks have spectacular Maizes. Before you get the idea you’ll be wandering aimlessly through someone’s cornfield think again. Many of them are professionally done.

There are companies who come and cut complicated mazes using GPS technology. These maizes make the photos of crop circles look like kindergarten scribbles. Precision Mazes have some fantastic designs.

Prices and amenities vary. $6-$12 dollars per person seems to be the norm. For that price some include hayrides, mini golf, pig races, slides, and tons of other stuff. Call or email ahead or check out their site to determine what extras are offered. Many open at the end of September and some can stay open into November. Again, check with the Maize staff for operating hours.

Plan to spend an hour or two or maybe more depending on the activities offered. Be sure to wear sturdy closed toe shoes and pants. These are fields after all. Sandals and short are probably not appropriate. If there are facilities they are liable to be portable toilets so be prepared.
If you take children into the maze be aware that many are “haunted”. Some of corn maizes will have afternoon sessions that are less scary for younger kids. At night they may make it scarier for the older kids. Also keep in mind that strollers may not work well on uneven ground.

It’s something fun to include in your Ozark travel plans. Stop by and enjoy a Corn Maize this fall.

Have a great trip!


Lela Davidson said...

This is so cool! Thanks, Mary Ann for all the groovy travel tips!

Devona said...

Oh wow! That's so cool! Do you know of any near the
Branson attractions area?

Anonymous said...

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