Monday, October 8, 2007

Horseback Riding in Missouri

Any time of year is a great time of year to ride horses. Whether you are riding through crisp wintry air, a cloud of spring dogwood, basking in the warmth of summer or enjoying fall foliage. There’s no better way to enjoy your Ozarks vacation.

There are eighty two horse riding trails in the state of Missouri. Forty four of them are located in the Ozarks. That makes it the perfect place for a vacation. State and federal agencies worked together to create a listing of riding trails in Missouri.

To obtain a hard copy of the brochure you can call 1-800-334-6946 /1800-379-2419 (TDD # only) or email them at The brochure is also available online at the Missouri State Parks website. It lists private trail riding venues as well.

For information about rules, regulations and fees you’ll have to contact the trail manager. Phone numbers are listed on the brochure and on the web.

Be advised these trails are open to hikers and bikers also.

Missouri Parks have five designated Equestrian campgrounds.

Sam A Baker State Park

Su Casa Bed & Breakfast

Have a great trip!

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Lela Davidson said...

Sounds like fun, even if you don't want to ride. Kids would love to step off the trail to watch a horse walk by!