Friday, October 5, 2007

Buffalo National River Rules and Regualtions: Arkansas

These are the River Safety Rules posted at Tyler Bend on the Buffalo National River. Some items are suggestions. Some are the law. It's all information you need to know if you plan on floating the Buffalo National River on your Ozarks vacation. For a copy of rules and regulations contact the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission.

River Safety comes first. Consider the following in planning a safe and enjoyable trip:

· Life Jackets are required of all boaters. State law requires that children under thirteen wear them at all times in a boat or canoe.

· Capsizing happens! Tie in your gear, but not your crew. Stay upstream from your canoe (i.e., don’t get between a rock and your boat), float on your back and point your feet downstream.

· Obstacles like fallen trees and large rocks appear and disappear with changing water levels. Scout out rapids before you run them.

· Glass containers are prohibited within 100 feet of the river and streams, in caves and on trails.

· Coolers, ice chests, and other storage containers must be sealed or locked to prevent them from emptying into water. A mesh trash bag that can be tightly sealed must be securely affixed to canoe or boat.

· Beverages not in storage containers around rivers and streams must be attached to or held within floating holders to prevent sinking in the water. Alcohol and boating don’t mix-save your drinks for later.

· Summer boating means lots of water-reflected sunlight. Bring sunscreen, wear a hat and sunglasses, and drink lots of water. Winter boating requires synthetic or wool (non-cotton clothes. Bring extra in a dry bag; wear a hat and waterproof mittens!

· Pets may be taken in boats, but must be restrained on a leash six feet or shorter when on shore.

· Motors must be below 10 horsepower and are not allowed upstream of the Erbie ford.

· Diving and jumping from bluffs into the river is dangerous. People have become paralyzed or even died after striking submerged rocks.

· Canoeing skills are a must before embarking on a river trip. Consult a ranger or as a canoe consessioner for a demonstration of basic techniques.

· Poisonous snakes and spiders are common, but rarely a problem. Be observant and respect their presence.

· Water from streams and springs is unsafe to drink unless purified. Protozoanx like giardia might be present causing prolonged illness.

· River rises occur rapidly and sometimes with little warning due to upstream rains. Stay informed of conditions and weather forecasts.

· Ticks can carry diseases. Frequent checks and proper removal can prevent disease transmission.

This information will help you plan a successful trip to the Buffalo National River.

Have a great trip!

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