Tuesday, February 19, 2008

112 Drive In:Fayetteville, Arkansas

Lots of us remember going to the drive-in as kids. You could take a blanket and watch the movie under the stars while munching on popcorn. Children didn't have to be still or particularly quiet and when they got sleepy you could tuck them into the back seat while you watched the show.

At the height of it's popularity there were about 50 in Arkansas. Now their are only three and luckily Fayetteville has one of them. The 112 Drive-In is located off the 112 Exit on Interstate 540 on the west side of the highway.

They are open every spring in March and run through November. They show a double feature on the weekends. The price is $10 dollars per carload. This covers the cost of both shows. There is a well stocked concession stand and bathrooms are available. You listen to the movie by tuning in to 92.7 on your car radio or you can bring a battery operated radio if you plan on sitting outside.

They do have a parking policy that they enforce. Cars are parked in the front and taller vehicles such as trucks and SUV's are placed toward the back. No one is allowed to sit on top of vehicles. Hatches must be tied down to roof height. Blankets and chairs must be kept within one parking space or you have the option of paying for a second space if you'd like to spread out. If anyone is causing a disturbance security personnel will ask them to leave.

To find out what's playing you can call 479-442-4542 any time, day or night. If you have questions wait until the recording is finished and you have the option of leaving a message. The show starts at dark.

Take time out to go to one of our drive-ins while visiting the Ozarks.

Have a great trip!

112 Drive-In
Kenda Drive-In: Marshall
Stone Drive-In: Mtn. View 1-870-269-3227

Find out about movies at www.wearemoviegeeks.com

Friday, February 1, 2008

The Great Backyard Bird Count

Every year a national bird count is sponsered by the National Audobon Society. You and your family can take part no matter where you live in North America. This year it takes place from February 16-19.

To participate, pick a location the time you'd like to watch for birds. Then make a list and keep track of how many birds you see of each species during that time. You can download a checklist that is specific to your area at the Audobon Society website. Just put in your zip code and it will pull up a list. There are links to photos and information about each type of bird if you're not certain what a particular species looks like. The option of adding rare birds is also available.

There is no need to count birds for all four days. You can take a couple of hours during a morning or afternoon and go to the park, a national forest or your own back yard to do the count.

After you have your results log on to the website and submit your results. You may also submit photos and videos. Prizes ranging from binoculars to guidebooks are awarded in the photo contest.

The information that you provide will help scientists and conservationists to determine changes in bird populations and their distribution.

Which birds do people find the most? The North American Cardinal is #1 on the list with American Robins coming in second.

If you're in the Ozarks be sure and keep an eye out for our National Bird, the bald eagle. They have been removed from the endangered list and are now so abundant that you can see them as you drive along the road or cruise the local lakes. I saw four within 10 minutes myself.

Whether it's during the Great Backyard Bird Count time frame or not. Birdwatching is a great way to spend family time and it's inexpensive as well. Watch for our Ozarks birds when you're in the area.

Have a great trip!