Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Geocaching in Arkansas and Missouri

If you think you’re too old to hunt for treasure, think again. The hottest new thing to do on your Ozarks vacation is to go geocaching. To participate you’ll need a handheld GPS or a GPS cell phone. Ruffled shirts and eye patches are optional.

The caches can be anything from a virtual cache, which is a monument or landmark to an actual container. It may have only a log book and disposable camera or a souvenir item. Arkansas Parks actively promote geocaching and you may find coupons for an overnight stay or dinner for two in one of their caches. The prevailing rule about caching is that you should put something else in if you take something out.

Jeep has 8,000 Travel bugs hidden throughout the 48 states. These are miniature Jeeps with a tag attached. When you locate one, record the number on the tag and enter it on their website. Then move it to the next cache. Every month someone wins a new GPS. Keep an eye out for them while you're in the Ozarks!

If you want to place a cache of your own in a Missouri or Arkansas state park there are some rules and regulations. For starters, you have to apply for a permit. These are available on line. Arkansas allows caches in 40 of its parks. 11 are off limits. You’ll have to put an identifying label on your cache as well. It’s easy and fun and a great Ozarks travel memory.

You should definitely plan on making your own cache. Just make sure doesn't leak and if you have items inside that should remain dry you may want to put them in a Ziploc. It’s estimated that Missouri and Arkansas have around 3,000 geocaches each but they could always use another one. You can contact one of the websites listed below to register your cache.

Missouri State Parks Geocaching Policy

Missouri Geocaching Permit

To geocache in the Arkansas and Missouri Ozarks you’ll need GPS coordinates. These websites are a great place to start.

Arkansas Geocachers Association

Missouri Geocachers

Jeep Travel Bugs

Happy Hunting!

How to find your first cache

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