Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Scott County Museum: Waldron, Arkansas

Blythe's Famous Scott County Museum in Waldron, Arkansas is a perfect addition to your Ozark travel plans. Mr. Blythe began collecting Indian artifacts at the age of nine after his grandmother explained to him that they were part of his heritage.

To date he has collected and cataloged over 14,000 arrowheads. He also has numerous pieces of pottery and a selection of tools. The bulk of these are Caddo in origin. Universities and other groups frequently tour his collection.

The collection does not stop with Indian artifacts. While a large portion of items originate from the United States Mr. Blythe traveled extensively during his military career and brought back many treasures from overseas. Napoleon's swords from France, coins from Ancient Greece and Chinese armor are but a few of the items exhibited.

An impressive firearms collection representing many eras is on display alongside uniforms and other gear. There is a lock from Judge Parker's courthouse, a beard washing bowl, and many many other antiquities. Some have been requested by the Smithsonian.

Mr. Blythe plans on keeping them in Scott County and continuing in his quest to preserve the history of his Indian ancestors, Scott County and the rest of the world for generations of visitors to come.

The museum is housed in the end of a long blue metal building. A pawn shop is in one end and a mechanic shop is in the middle. It looks ordinary from the outside. It's anything but. From the stumps of extinct petrified trees and the county's long abandoned grain gin in the parking lot to the extensive collection inside, this museum is one of a kind.

They don't have regular hours at this time as they are undergoing a renovation. It should be complete in early 2008. Give them a call to set up a tour 479-637-3730. You can find them at GPS: 34º 40' 2.4'' N / 93º 14' 8.4'' W or Business Hwy 71. Watch for a small sign that says Museum almost obscured by trees on the north side of town.

Maybe it will inspire you to start a collection of your own.

Have a great trip!

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