Thursday, November 22, 2007

Guided Pheasant Hunts:Yellville Arkansas

Ozark Mountain Bird hunts provides guided pheasant, chucker and quail hunts on their farm located just one mile from Yellville, Arkansas. Mike and David offer a variety of hunting packages.

You can take your pick of hunting quail, pheasant or chucker or do a combo and choose to hunt all three. They also offer European style hunts for 5-12 people at a time. The European hunts include 15 pheasant per person and the birds are breasted, bagged and made freezer ready for you following the hunt.
Because they are a licensed hunting preserve it is not necessary to obtain a hunting license. Mike says that handicapped hunters are welcome. It is possible to use wheelchairs at this time and they will have golf carts available in the near future.

Each hunter must have their own gun. What's the best gun to use for game bird hunting? Mike recommends a 12 or 20 gauge with a modified or improved cylinder choke. You should use #7-8 shot shells for the dog hunts and #6 shot for the European hunts.
You must supply your own hunter orange. If you don't have your own bird dogs they will be supplied for you.

Ozark Mountain Bird hunts furnishes water and sodas and you are welcome to bring your own snacks. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed either before or during the hunt. You may be asked to forfeit the hunt if alcohol use is suspected.

Hunting season is open from October 1-March 31.

If you enjoy a good hunt then add a trip to Ozark Mountain Bird Hunts to your travel plans.

To book a hunt call 1-800-268-3474 or 1870-453-8502 or email Mike at
Their website is located at

Have a great trip!

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